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September 21, 2024

10:00am - 2:00pm


Girls in Aviation Day Planning

Planning for Girls in Aviation Day begins the day after the year's event. We review what worked, what could be done better, and begin the process of contacting sponsors. 

The event is being hosted by Sheltair Tampa.

Here's where we need help.

Event Photographer: Photo guidelines will be provided. Please contact Mariah ( if you can help or know someone who would be willing to donate their time to this task.

Sponsor coordinators: work with Mariah to establish and maintain contact with potential sponsors. Follow up with sponsors on their event needs and answer any questions relating to the event. With several coordinators, each will manage just 5 sponsors. This distributes a manageable workload. You will be provided a draft of a Sponsor Request letter to use to make contact with your assigned sponsors. Work with Mariah and other coordinators to coordinate sponsor needs, i.e. audio/visual, tables/chairs, logo parameters.

Event Equipment coordinator: works with the event equipment/table/chair provider to determine how many we need and location set up the day prior to the event. Other equipment may include audio/visual and speaker placement location. Communicate with Sponsor coordinators regarding sponsor needs.

Volunteer Coordinator: The committee (Danielle and Bart) will determine how to use the available volunteers.

T-Shirt Graphic Designer: create an exciting t-shirt for guests to purchase in addition to a t-shirt to be provided for volunteers. The designs using any sponsor or GIAD logo must fall within defined parameters. Communicate with Sponsor coordinators to determine graphics needs. 

Research t-shirt purchase options and costs.

Food Truck Coordinator: this year we hope to have food trucks available for guests to purchase lunch. We need someone who will head up this committee. Please contact if you know of any food truck owners who may be interested in participating.

Event day Volunteers: assist with guest parking, staff the WAITB table at the event entry, help to check in guests, assist at a Fundraiser Table, offer GIAD merch (if available), greet guests and answer questions.

We have achieved great momentum with our organization and it will take a team to make this year's event the best one we've done. We will all work together to answer each other's questions and work toward a successful and rewarding

Girls in Aviation Day 2024!

We need your help soon as the planning has already begun.

Please complete the form below or contact the GIAD Planning Committee at to learn more.

I'd like to volunteer to help on GIAD!

Thank you for volunteering!

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