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Scholarship Application Terms and Conditions
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Women in Aviation Tampa Bay Chapter
Scholarship application Terms and Conditions

Subject to change as scholarship program develops.

Waiver of Liability

I wish to participate in the Women in Aviation Tampa Bay Chapter Scholarship program, and agree that any monetary award received will be paid directly to my Tampa Bay area educational institution/flight school. I certify that all information provided is true. I agree to hold harmless all participants and sponsors of the Women in Aviation International Tampa Bay Chapter scholarship program which includes the officers, volunteers, those who contributed funding to the Scholarship program, and those involved in the selection process for Women in Aviation Tampa Bay Chapter Scholarships for any and all personal injury, loss of life, and /or property loss or damage which might result from participation in aviation or aerospace training and/or education, or any other aspect of the Women in Aviation Tampa Bay Chapter Scholarship program.

Women in Aviation Tampa Bay Chapter has my permission to use my photo in future publications related specifically to the chapter and scholarship award distribution.

You will be required to acknowledge you've read this on the scholarship application.

About the scholarship

The Women in Aviation Tampa Bay Chapter's mission is to help young people in the Tampa Bay area become aware of opportunities in the fields of aerospace and aviation. Funds raised from Girls in Aviation Day support chapter functions including scholarship opportunities for members in the Tampa Bay community.

The Women in Aviation Tampa Bay chapter is offering a $1000 flight training scholarship to a member of our chapter to be used for dual instruction for a Biennial Flight Review, Instrument Proficiency Check, toward a new rating or certificate, or ground and safety training. If using the scholarship toward the private certificate, a solo endorsement must have been accomplished.

The fine print

Application window opens: March 1, 2023 and closes May 31, 2023

Application review period: June 1, 2023 - August 31, 2023

Scholarship overview and requirements:

Applicant must have current memberships with WAI and WAITB to be eligible

Applicant must reside in the Tampa Bay area (Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco Counties)

Minimum age: 14 (minimum to solo glider)

Applicant must be actively pursuing flight training and be able to provide recent flight training logbook entries.

Scholarship funds will be transferred to the recipient's account at their current Tampa Bay area flight school.

How to Prepare for submitting your Scholarship application


You will be asked to provide the following:

2 letters of recommendation from your flight instructor, mentors, pilots with whom you've flown recently.

An image (.jpg) of your last logbook page to include at least your last 5 recent flights.

All applicants will be asked how they are becoming actively engaged in the aviation community and what has inspired them to become involved in aviation/aeronautics.

An image (.jpg) of your WAI membership card

Your active chapter membership will be verified.

To join our chapter go to


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